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Wonders of Baja California

Our world has many wonderful places to discover if you are willing to travel. There are however not many places like Baja. 

Baja California is special because of the seas surrounding the peninsula: the Pacific Ocean & the Sea of Cortez..

Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez the world's aquarium indicating how special the place is..

Although we have overfished both seas and have been putting immense pressure on the oceanic ecosystem there are still vibrant wildlife populations present.

This portfolio shows fragments of the abundance and beauty of life in these two seas off Baja peninsula Sur..

One of the sealion pictures in this portfolio featured on the cover of DIVE magazine in September 2014.

The first image of this portfolio (of the sealion amongst other sealions) won the Frans Lanting Award 2014.

Images in this portfolio of schooling mobula rays went viral on the web in April 2015.

Images in this portfolio of the sealions of Isla Santa Margarita were published by DailyMail in May 2015.



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Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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