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Illegal Offshore fishing in Costa Rica

During one of our trips through the vast blue offshore waters in the Pacific we encountered a FAD which initiated the urge to write an article on the topic.

The illegal use of FAD's makes the Costa Rican waters off Corcovado National Park an unsafe place for marine life. These net constructions are purposely build to attract fish life in big numbers and spawning tuna in particular.

It was however incredibly effective in doing so as mammals, fish as well as reptiles were attracted to it. We took off the pinger which was supposed to allow the fishing fleet to find the FAD again once enough marine life was accumultated.

All of these pictures were taken in one hours time of encountering the FAD in the blue waters far offshore. FAD's provide an Oasis of life in the sea.

Many images of this portfolio were published in my article for DUIKEN magazine: "Op zeesafari in Costa Rica".

I partnered with Greenpeace in getting the message across using my pictures from our ocean safari and their Infographic.

As a photographer and writer for dive and travel magazines I think it is important to inform the public not only about the beauty of the wildlife, but also document the atrocities happening in our oceans.

In general we do not do enough to take care of our oceans and continue to act like as if it is a limitless resource and dump for all of our trash.

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About the Author:
Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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