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Herten Oostvaardersplassen Frans Lanting

Workshop with Frans Lanting Oostvaardersplassen

As part of winning the Frans Lanting award I was invited to join a photo workshop with Frans Lanting in the Oostvaardersplassen.

Below some images I took during the day. One of the things Frans Lanting wanted to capture was the combination of wildlife and the Dutch wind turbines.

We had an interesting day where Frans explained his way of photographing animals and his way to tell stories with his photos.

For me the heck cattle which sheltered in between the reeds had some kind of mystic nature.

It was a great day to be out photographing the most famous Dutch nature reserve, close to Amsterdam. Other wildlife we observed were the Konik horses, a sleeping red fox and some birds of prey.

The latter I was not able to photograph since we were on a tight schedule to deliver the photos to the RTL4 Late Night show. It was to be the second time I would be telling about photography on a live broadcasted show in the Netherlands. The second time is always easier :-).

A close up of the fur of a young Konik foal made it into the live broadcasted RTL Late Night show. It looked like as if the hair was styled.

Styled by the Dutch winter weather that is..

The nature reserve of the Oostvaardersplassen was featured in the movie "De nieuwe Wildernis", an amazing film to see. Watch the trailer, you will not be disappointed.

It is the best film of Dutch nature to date if you ask me.

The Konik horses also enjoyed the low-light mid-winter sun from in between the reeds.

Thanks to CameraNu.nl I could play around with the Nikon Af-s 400mm f2.8 lens. Quite a piece of art if you ask me!

After the day we rushed to get to the studio of the RTL4 Late Night Show to discuss and show the catch of the day in the Live show.

To close off some impressions of the day with the team of photographers.


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