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Opening Slide show, speaker, Joost van Uffelen

Presentation Duiken readers Event

I was invited to speak at a readers event from Duiken magazine last saturday. I had a great time and enjoyed the presentations of the other photographers a lot.

The event was held at a nice venue in the Museon in the Hague where currently also the winning photos from BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year competition are at display.
Proud to be speaking amongst famous Dutch underwater photographers like Karin Brussaard, Rutger Geerling and the Belgian price winning duo Els van den Borre and Bruno van Saen I tried my best.

It is not often that as a photographer you are the center of the attention. There is even a picture of me speaking (thanks to Herman).

I attempted to take the audience on a 45-minute version of our trip through Baja while sharing the "secrets" for getting the shots we bagged on the trip.
The image of the Poser in particular deserved some extra attention due to the Frans Lanting Award although the other images also were appreciated.

With 70 people in the audience I did the best I could to avoid talking too long however did not succeed.. Again.. :-)
Where Humberto Tan, the host of the RTL Late Night Show, had to cut me short earlier I pushed the Event-agenda for a bit.
Much respect to the audience. It seems nobody fell asleep or left the auditorium before I showed my last slide..!

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About the Author:
Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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