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A Northsea diver on de Kruisers, by Joost van Uffelen

Picking up MSC Zoe trash

While we knew in Spring already that it was going to be a different year than others, it turned out to be a very interesting and in some respect also disappointing summer.

The first part of the period I enjoyed with more time at home, less time travelling. We had some incredible Spring days. I had more time focussing on self, reading books and doing sports, less on doing overtime.

I did have some nice photo assignments, but after a while though the travelbug starts to itch badly.. The Northsea dives in between were fun distractions and good preparations for the expedition to come.

Even though we had big plans for the expeditions on the Northsea with the cdt. Fourcault, we were never going to be able to meet the regulations onboard that our government had set-up to control the spread of the virus.

The expedition being cancelled, alternatives were sought. Luckily we are now aiming at documenting some more of the MSC Zoe trash above the Wadden islands. So, off we go to the North of the Netherlands!

Check out this trailer for the expedition:

MSC Zoe, one of the biggest container vessles in the world (with almost 400m in length), lost 345 containers in January 2019 while passing the Wadden islands.

The combination of bad weather and shallow seas caused the vessle to heel more than 30 degrees and hit the seabottom which lead to the loss of the containers.

The disaster was a stark reminder that the sea cannot be tamed and we often have a false sense of control as humans over situations, ultimately leading to damage to our environment.

In the following clean-up operations many containers were recovered, but an incredible lot of our consumer society's products were lost to the sea and flooded our beaches.

Let's see in the upcoming weeks if we can clean up and document what is still lost to the sea.

Fingers crossed!

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Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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