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Pionieren in Peru, by Joost van Uffelen

Peruvian giants in DUIKEN magazine

I am happy to share the publication of our article "Pioneering in Peru" in magazine DUIKEN.

The article tells the story of a coastal community that is starting up marine ecotourism in the waters off Tumbes with the support of NGO Planeta Oceano.

As we were one of the first to explore the ecotourism with local fishermen it was pioneering for both them as well as for us.

We were really happy to work with some of the most welcoming Peruvian locals and interns of Planeta Oceano to get the story.

The real work (i.e. getting the needed protection for the giant manta rays) had already been done though. 

Congrats to Planeta Oceano's Kerstin Forsberg for becoming a Rolex laureate due to her groundbreaking work in Peru.

Also a shout out to conservation photography guru Shawn Heinrichs for sharing key information for getting this story in Peru.


note: check out this photo story for a portfolio of images from Peru that I shared earlier.

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