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Joost van Uffelen presenting diving images

Lots of talks!

Recently I did lots of talking about my photography and travels.

Luckily, people seemed not to fall asleep and (better) to be entertained by the images and the accompanying brabbling. smiley

The first talk I did was about my travel and freediving photography at OFFT, a gathering of Dutch underwater photographers and filmers.

I explained how I approach creating photo stories and travel reports.

One of the stories was about our experience with humpback whales in Mozambique.

The event is still high up there in the best aquatic moments we've ever had. It was one of the hardest stories to make a success though..

I also talked about things that go wrong. With many of the underwater photographers in the audience I shared the unlucky experience of losing my camera to the merciless sea!

Some familiar faces were present in the audience and some good questions afterwards made for a nice evening.

The week thereafter I talked about Northsea diving at diveclub DivePost Zoetermeer.

The focus of this talk was on the NorthSea expedition we did with "Stichting Duik De Noordzee Schoon" and diving in the NorthSea in general.

I talked about my personal experience and the process of diving in the NorthSea while showing images like this one of the German U-boat named the "U-31".

Hopefully showing the NorthSea images helps making more divers enthusiastic about diving in the Netherlands and taking part in doing good for our very own NorthSea.

More talking is coming!

On the 4th and 5th of February I will be giving another talk at the "Duikvaker" in Houten (the Dutch divingfair).

I will speak about our recent trip to Peru where we worked with Planeta Oceano; a Peruvian NGO that played a crucial role in getting protection for giant manta rays in the region.

Early Bird tickets are available now. Order them here!

Feeling lucky?

Rumor has it that "Stichting Duik De Noordzee Schoon" will organize a great lottery on the Duikvaker where a nice canvas of my award winning image (below) is one of the prices..yes

Doesn't that sound exciting? wink

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About the Author:
Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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