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Finalist in the SOSF grant

Finalist SOSF photography grant competition

I am happy to announce that I was one of the 10 finalists in this years Save Our Seas Photography Grant competition. Awesome too see some recognition for the photography I so much love to create. In the end I was disappointed not to reach the final two photographers who would get the opportunity to compete for winning this competition. Both of them would get a 3 week assignment to document a Project funded by Save Our Seas. Both of them would be able to present their work on some events as well. Awesome stuff..

Tiny bit jealous here :-)

The idea behind the grant is to bind marine conservation and photography. By giving aspiring photographers the opportunity to do assignments to portray projects of the Save Our Seas Foundation it provides also for a platform to share the photographers' stories. Participants of the grant applied by filling out a quite extensive questionnaire, a portfolio and a photostory. It was wicked to notice my photos were appreciated and I was put in the list of awesome photographers below.

Making it into these last 10 however has made me more determined to take it to the next level as well! I am passionate about Marine Conservation as I have simply seen too much destruction going on in our seas. I have some ideas on new subjects I'd like to portray and some stories in the pipeline, but will share some more on those soon. Most of them have to do with the relationship between people and the natural heritage we have, both in our seas as well as in fresh water.

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Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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