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Mobula rays swimming close to Isla Espiritu Santo

Featured on DivePhotoGuide!

Recently the images of our encounter with the mobula rays in Baja were also published on DivePhotoGuide.

I am happy to share that after the images of our encounter with the mobula rays in Baja went viral on the web, also the guys at DivePhotoGuide contacted me with a request of sharing the story.

Having been following this website for years I decided to share the story straight away. The articles on their website have contributed a lot to organizing my personal travels and making progress as an underwater photographer. 

They made a nice publication out of the images if you ask me. As I was more able to explain the facts on the story with them it is a bit more factual than this site and this site and another site that published the story too (needless to say I was stoked they all published the encounter..).

It was cool that Sandy's photo's & video also were published. But most of all it was nice to be able to do something in return to the DivePhotoGuide website!

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