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Joost van Uffelen presenting diving images

Duikvaker has come and gone

The yearly Dutch diving fair "Duikvaker" has come and gone.

It was great to catch up with friends, fellow (free)divers and underwater photographers.

On both of the fair days I shared my photography from the main stage with the audience.

I explained why freediving helps me get images of big marine wildlife and how I use it to create photo stories about our oceans.

Also, I shared images of the grassroots ecotourism that is set up with the support of Planeta Oceano in northern Peru.

On Sunday I also headed over to the fundraising lottery organized by Stichting Duik de Noordzee Schoon.

It was nice to catch up with fellow NorthSea expedition members, most of which I had not seen for a while.

A big crowd had gathered for the start of the raffle.

One of the prices was a print of my award winning image of a Californian sealion.


Yes mom, I should have ironed that shirt..

Talking to so many people that share a passion for the sea always helps in getting inspired to plan new adventures.

But enough talking for this winter. Back to some cold water diving soon, hopefully.

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Joost loves the oceans, travelling and (underwater)photography. Combining those three elements he creates ocean art, travel reports and ocean photo stories...

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