Unique prints and photo stories from our oceans...
Jan 31
Diver picks up a belt next to a wreck in the Wadden UNESCO world heritage site
Picking up where the government stops..

Out of sight does not mean our garbage magically disappears.. That is true for our garbage on land and even more so for our garbage on the seafloor.

Dec 03
In the depths the book of Stichting Duik de Noordzee Schoon
Ocean clean up books & article

The new edition of the "In the depths" book are out!

Sep 19
MSC Zoe trash is picked up by a diver of NGO SDDNZS
Zoe trash - results of the first week

The first week of the "Duik de Noordzee Schoon" expedition 2020 has been successful, though impacted by heavy winds.

Sep 12
A Northsea diver on de Kruisers, by Joost van Uffelen
Picking up MSC Zoe trash

While we knew in Spring already that it was going to be a different year than others, it turned out to be a very interesting and in some respect also disappointing summer.<

Jun 12
Zafar the bottlenose dolphin in Amsterdam harbor
Zafar in Duiken magazine
May 05
Zafar the bottlenose dolphin in Amsterdam harbor
Zafar - the outlawed dolphin - visits Amsterdam

Recently a 3m bottlenose dolphin has made the headlines in the Netherlands.

Apr 29
a girl holds a kitefin shark skin in the Azores, by Joost van Uffelen
Lessons from crashed fisheries

There are lessons in every disaster. 

Apr 19
great hammerhead by Joost van Uffelen
Looking forward!

While spring has begun here's a little reflection of the time past and the time to come.

Feb 23
Presentation Gooise Duiksportvereniging
On Stage!

Upcoming Thursday I will be doing a presentation at the Gooise Onderwatersport Vereniging in Hilversum, tickets are still available (presentation in Dutch)!

Jan 30
publication of Joost van Uffelen in Duiken Magazine
Whale of a publication in Duiken Magazine

Recently our latest article has been published in Duiken Magazine.

Dec 08
A freediver holds plastic soup in her hand, by Joost van Uffelen
Our plastic mess

We all know it by now.

We all have heard about the plastic soup, but for some it is quite an abstract phenomenon.

Oct 02
Spermwhale art in the Azores, by Joost van Uffelen
Whaling in the Azores

Our trip back to the Azores has come and gone so fast! It was so great to be back on Pico to meet up with old friends and new.

Aug 21
Freediver with Caribbean reef shark by Joost van Uffelen
Apnea Special

Sandy got interviewed for an Apnea Special in Duiken Magazine recently.

The magazine is out in stores now!

Jun 13
Sandy van de Water balancing on a bench in a lake by Joost van Uffelen
Featuring in a commercial!

There was not a lot happening recently here, but that does not mean me nor Sandy have been sitting idle.

Apr 23
A freediver dives with two Atlantic Spotted dolphins, by Joost van Uffelen
Bahamian Beauties in Duiken magazine

I am happy to share the publication of our article "Dolphins of the Bahamas" in magazine DUIKEN.

Pick up your hard copy in stores now!

Mar 31
A steller sealion drowned due to entanglement, by Joost van Uffelen
Sealions in trouble

During our stay in Canada it became clear that it isn´t only fun and games for the sealions.

Mar 29
A freediver dives with a Steller Sealion in the Salish Sea, by Joost van Uffelen
Steller Sealions

I am happy to share that images of our time with Steller sealions have been published in the media recently.

Mar 03
Atlantic spotted dolphin with plastic bag, by Joost van Uffelen
Plastic for World Wildlife Day

Traditionally on World Wildlife Day I would post a fancy pic of some charismatic marine wildlife to celebrate this day..

Oct 04
Blue shark under a boat, by Joost van Uffelen
Shutterstock publication

Shutterstock recently asked me to put in a few words on underwater photography and creating images of sharks underwater.

Aug 09
Freediver in lake Hemmoor, Germany, by Joost van Uffelen
Training for the deep

Usually my dives on one breath are not deeper than 15 meter. 

I encounter most of the big marine life that I photograph in that region.

Aug 03
A southern right whale in Argentina by Joost van Uffelen
Chasing the Right Whale

For me 2017 was the year of chasing the Southern Right Whale story.

Aug 19
Duiken magazine cover by Joost van Uffelen
Cover of Duiken Magazine

Happy to see my image of a very curious pilot whale on the cover of Duiken magazine!

Jul 28
Magazine Article Reunion by Joost van Uffelen
Latest article out in Duiken Magazine

In the latest Duiken magazine our article about Reunion and its Shark Crisis was published.

May 28
National Geographic publication June 2017, Joost van Uffelen
National Geographic publication

I am happy to share that National Geographic chose my image to accompany a write up on the conservation work of Planeta Oceano's director Kerstin Forsberg.

Mar 22
Pionieren in Peru, by Joost van Uffelen
Peruvian giants in DUIKEN magazine

I am happy to share the publication of our article "Pioneering in Peru" in magazine DUIKEN.

Mar 10
marine iguana in the Galapagos, by Joost van Uffelen
The freediving "Imps of Darkness"

Dear Charles,

When you set foot on the Galapagos islands in September 1835 you noticed the interesting wildlife and the diversity amongst the animals.

Feb 05
Joost van Uffelen presenting diving images
Duikvaker has come and gone

The yearly Dutch diving fair "Duikvaker" has come and gone.

It was great to catch up with friends, fellow (free)divers and underwater photographers.

Jan 27
Grey seal underwater at the Farne islands, by Joost van Uffelen
Of NorthSea castles and seals

The NorthSea traditionally is one of the most overused and overfished seas in the world. 

Jan 13
Joost van Uffelen presenting diving images
Lots of talks!

Recently I did lots of talking about my photography and travels.

Dec 16
freediving Galapagos, seastars, by Joost van Uffelen
Freediving Galapagos

The Galapagos islands are a dream destination for many people for obvious reasons.

Nov 26
Manta swimwear by Molo, Joost van Uffelen
Fashionable Manta Rays

Check out my manta image used on kids swimwear fashion by Molo.


Sep 19
Manta Birostris in the waters off Tumbes, Peru by Joost van Uffelen
Peruvian giants

Recently we've been in the far North west of Peru hosted by Planeta Oceano. This NGO is working with the local communities to protect and research the biggest Manta rays in

Sep 10
Mobula Japanica, by Joost van Uffelen
Mobula Japanica on CITES

Some of my Mobula images have been used during this years CITES meeting in Johannesburg.

Aug 24
Submerged shot of the Cdt. Fourcault, by Joost van Uffelen
NorthSea expedition video

Below a video I've put together with some drone footage of the Northsea expedition.

Aug 20
Big NorthSea crab on the Hogue, by Joost van Uffelen
Salt & sweet summer dives

While summer arrived and the next big trip was still months away some extra dives in the Netherlands were on schedule.

Aug 16
Great hammerhead shark in the Bahamas, Bimini, by Joost van Uffelen
New article out in Duiken

I am thrilled to share that another article was published recently in Duiken magazine.

Jul 24
Divers working on the NorthSea clean up, by Joost van Uffelen
North Sea south expedition 2016

Recently I took part in the southern Duik De Noordzee Schoon expedition. 

Jul 12
Haaientand op het strand bij Cadzand door Joost van Uffelen
Dutch shark teeth

Have you ever found fossilized shark teeth?

What about finding them in the Netherlands?

Apr 26
Posing sealion print, buy it at www.joostvanuffelen.com
Sealion Print

Time to boast about something I am proud of. Just a little..

Apr 09
highland cattle calf in the Netherlands, by Joost van Uffelen
Behind the Dutch Dunes

Spring is in the air.

Lots of new life is born and temperatures will be warm again in the Netherlands.

Jan 30
Hooked toy shark on Reunion Island des Aigrettes, by Joost van Uffelen
Crise Requin on Reunion Island

On april 2015 Elio Canestri, a 13 year old French surfing talent, lost his life due to a tragic shark incident on Reunion Island.

Dec 25
WWF book, fundraiser by Joost van Uffelen
Coffee table book WWF

Lately some of my images were used in conservation efforts.

Nov 29

Caught in the act with Mobula Rays

A few months ago I got caught up in an interview for a NatGeo Wild show that aired worldwide on TV last week (bad pun intended).

Oct 14
A bottlenose dolphin carries a stout emperor in its mouth, by Joost van Uffelen
Breakfast with the dolphins

The seas around Reunion island are home to an interesting variety of cetaceans.

Oct 07
The Mountainous region of Mafate on Reunion Island, by Joost van Uffelen
Visiting Mafate; going back in time...

Before we embarked on our trip to Reunion island I contacted Aurélien Meynieux, one of the top surfing talents of Reunion.

Jul 10
The dorsal fin of a starry smooth-hound shark with a research tag, by Joost van Uffelen
Tagging sharks in the Netherlands

Travelling all over the world to see and photograph sharks and other big marine life sometimes makes me a bit blind to our Dutch wildlife.

Jun 30
A freediver without fins observes the exhibition of Fred Buyle in Nemo33, image by Joost van Uffelen
Freediving in Nemo33

Recently we visited Nemo33, one of the deepest pools in the world, for some freedive training.

Jun 23
A split shot of mangrove trees in Bimini, the Bahamas
The mangroves of Bimini

The location of our stay on Bimini was perfect for afternoon snorkling sessions in the mangroves.

May 20
George Karbus swims in between giant sting rays in the Bahamas
Stingrays and reefsharks of the Bahamas

The waters off Bimini are home to many types of fish amongst which Caribbean Reefsharks and Southern Stingrays.

May 07
Spotted Dolphins circle George Karbus by Joost van Uffelen
The dolphin dance of Bimini

Although the Great Hammerhead sharks are the latest claim of fame to the Bimini dive industry there is more to be seen.. 

May 04
A great hammerhead shark inspects the dome port of Joost van Uffelen
Stop! Hammertime...

Every once in a while I get caught by images of certain aquatic wildlife.

Apr 30
A manatee swims in Kings Bay in Crystal River
The manatees of Crystal River

Manatees are awesome. Period.

Apr 29
Mobula rays swimming close to Isla Espiritu Santo
Featured on DivePhotoGuide!

Recently the images of our encounter with the mobula rays in Baja were also published on

Mar 11
Opening Slide show, speaker, Joost van Uffelen
Presentation Duiken readers Event

I was invited to speak at a readers event from Duiken magazine last saturday. I had a great time and enjoyed the presentations of the other photographers a lot.

Feb 20
Herten Oostvaardersplassen Frans Lanting
Workshop with Frans Lanting Oostvaardersplassen

As part of winning the Frans Lanting award I was invited to join a photo workshop with Frans Lanting in the Oostvaardersplassen.

Feb 20

Winning the Frans Lanting Award 2014

I am super thrilled to announce that I have won the National Geographic Frans Lanting Award 2014.

Feb 14
blue shark image by Joost van Uffelen
Freediving with blue sharks

Blue sharks are in my honest opinion one of the most beautiful sharks in our seas. The blue shade on their backs and the slender elongated bodies are aesthetically perfect

Feb 13
Black manta ray Birostris by Joost van Uffelen
Black manta at the Socorros

The Boiler is the hotspot at the Socorros for diving with the biggest Manta Ray species in the world, the Manta Birostris.

Feb 12
Manta Birostris swims around the boiler in the islas Revillagigedos (Socorros)
Diving the Islas Revillagigedos

One of the main highlights of our trip through Central America was our (first ever) live-aboard trip with the Nautilus Explorer to the Socorros.

Nov 15
interview for Duiken Magazine, joost van uffelen
Interview Duiken

I got interviewed by Duiken Magazine because of my nomination as a finalist in the National Geographic Frans Lanting award.

Oct 30
Mobula rays swimming close to Isla Espiritu Santo
Hunting for Mobulas

After our great trip to Magdalena Bay we backtracked to La Paz. The rough weather had calmed down and the sun was shining.

Oct 18
Finalist in the National Geographic Frans Lanting Award, joost van Uffelen
Frans Lanting Award 2014 Competition

I am happy to share that I am nominated as one of the 25 finalist in the Frans Lanting Award 2014. The theme of the competition is "Where the land meets the sea".

Oct 18
Cover of Dive Magazine, september 2014
Cover of Dive Magazine

My image of a Californian sealion was featured on the cover of the October edition of Dive Magazine lately. It did not look bad at all if you ask me!

Sep 20
A FAD attracts marine life in the Pacific Ocean
Conservation article out in Duiken Magazine

As of this week my new article has been published in the Dutch Duiken Magazine.

Jul 23
A gray whale flukes inside Magdalena Bay, Mexico
Gray whales of Mag Bay

While we continued our stay in Magdalena Bay it seemed the gray whale season was in full swing already. We could see the whales breach in the opening of the bay every day.

Jul 14
Finalist in the SOSF grant
Finalist SOSF photography grant competition

I am happy to announce that I was one of the 10 finalists in this years Save Our Seas Photogr

Jun 16
One hundred sealions in Mexico
The sealions of Isla Santa Margarita

During and after the whaleshark adventure windspeeds increased, making other trips on the Sea of Cortez impossible.

Jun 07
The whalesharks of La Paz

We made the journey from Costa Rica via Mexico City to la Paz in a day. On the peninsula of Baja California the second part of our trip would start.

May 30
Sleeping Sloth hangs in between the green vegetation in Costa Rica
The Sloths of Costa Rica

Arrived in Cahuita we had a strawl through town to check out what was happening. Not much was happening in Cahuita..

Apr 20
In and out of Panama

We left Drake by boat and bus and headed for the Panamanean border. The border crossing took us ages.

Apr 07
Corcovado National Park, la Sirena
Jungle safari in Corcovado

We did two daytours into Corcovado national park which did not dissapoint us at all. They were awesome.

Mar 28
Dusty dolphin swims close to the Arran islands
New article published in Duiken Magazine

It took a while before it was finally published, but the article in the March edition of Duiken Magazine came out recently.

Aug 23
Freediving in Dive for Life

In an attempt to become more comfortable freedivers Sandy and I signed up for a freediving course with 

Aug 21
Dusty dolphin swims close to the Arran islands
The friendly Dolphin phenomenon

While doing some research on dolphins to write an article for Duiken Magazine I learned that Dusty is not the only friendly dolphin out there.

Jul 01
Irish Spring wonderland

After the long winter we all expected spring to arrive during April and May, however even in these months there were only a few nice days to be enjoyed.

Feb 03
The cover of Duiken Magazine maart 2013
Cover of Duiken Magazine!

Hurray! My first ever article is coming out in the March edition of Duiken Magazine in the Netherlands.

Dec 08
A baby humpback whale in Mozambique
A humpback whale encounter

Forget the migration of the wildebeest on the plains of the savanna.

Dec 01
Backpacking in Mozambique
Travelling Mozambique can be a painful experience..

Getting around in 3rd world countries like Mozambique is a wicked experience, but sometimes hard and painstakingly slow.

Dec 01
diving in Zavora in Mozambique
Zavora: where the Humpback whales sing..

While drinking a cold coke on the porch in Zavora we saw whales jump and slap their fins on the water's surface in the bay.

Nov 27
sunrise over the Bazaruto Archipelago
Sailing the Bazaruto archipelago Day 2

Day two of our dhow safari started off with a beautiful sunrise over Bazaruto island. A great warming-up for the day to come and a wicked scene to be spectator of..

Nov 22
a girl in bikini stands next to a traditional dhow in the Bazaruto archipelago
Sailing the Bazaruto archipelago Day 1

After our wicked stay in Kruger National Park we flew out of Nelspruit into the fishing village of Vilankoulos in the northern part of the Inhambane province.

Oct 27
The dolphins of Ponta do Ouro

After our stay in Umkomaas it was time to set out on the long drive to Mozambique.