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Image of Joost van Uffelen by Oscar Ortiz.

After seeing the images you must have concluded by now  that I am an underwater photographer or at least somebody who loves to take pictures around or in the oceans. Underwater photography caught my interest back in 2007 when I was on an extended journey around the world. During that trip I learned to know the ocean in a way that may well have changed my life for good. The diversity of the aquatic life I met along the way just blew my mind and my happiest days were out at sea and underwater. Current travels that I undertake to do what I do are often to remote or under-explored places to create some unique and special underwater images.

I took up underwater photography initially to be able to show the beauty of the underwater world. Travelling however also has made me more aware of the conservation issues of our planet and our oceans in particular. Amongst the beauty there is often a beast to be found as well. Whenever I can I will highlight these issues in my articles and blog posts. I hope while people enjoy the pictures they will realise these issues are serious and should be addressed properly as well. If some of my pictures make people more aware then this is the biggest win for me..

All and all the journey into photography in combination with travelling has become one of the more challenging and rewarding things I have ever done, with both ups and downs. "Downs" like flooding my new housing and ruining my brand new camera were followed by big "Ups" like being a finalist in the SOSF Grant competition 2014 and winning the National Geographic Frans Lanting Award 2014. By now I have had many articles published in dive Magazines and books in the Netherlands, UK, South Africa and even in National Geographic worldwide. 

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